Get to know Garfield and discover this distinct Pittsburgh neighborhood- from the bustling Penn Ave Business District, “along Pittsburgh’s oldest east-west thoroughfare”, to the lively Garfield Heights. Join us for the 3rd official “Next 3 Days” neighborhood celebration + showcase featuring Garfield!

Spend your weekend adventuring and enjoy live music and dance performances, food from Garfield eateries, brews + cocktails, local art projects, Garfield neighborhood photography, block party games with City of Play and more!

Don’t miss some of Saturday’s Artists + Makers!

Pizza Poems

What is Pizza Poems PGH?

Pizza Poems PGH is a celebration of pizza and poetry. Our inaugural event took place April 2016 to coincide with National Poetry Month. Thanks to a Grand Ideas grant from The Sprout Fund and additional community support, students from Visual Arts 2: Public Art at Pittsburgh Milliones University Prep (UPrep) in the Hill District wrote poems and made artwork that was inspired by, or in celebration of, one of the most beloved foods – PIZZA! The poems and art were distributed to the community via limited-edition pizza boxes. The response was so positive, we decided to do it again. We believe that poetry is for everyone, and that it should be fun, accessible, and easy to understand. Why pizza? Everyone loves pizza. It’s easy to get excited about, it’s easy to write about, and it just tastes good.

When you participate, you also get a free slice from SPAK Brothers! (while supplies last)

Who are the Pizza (Poems) Makers?

Stephanie Brea a writer, teacher, copy editor and event organizer. She has 10+ years of experience designing and implementing creative writing programming for youth. She currently provides enrichment for Pittsburgh Public School’s After School Academy Program. Other clients include: Carnegie Museum of Natural History, Winchester Thurston School, Penn Trafford High School, Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh, and the Sewickley Public Library. While on staff at Literary Arts Boom she led various Experi-Mondays and NaNoWriMo activities, as well as other National Poetry Month projects including Bio-ery, an interactive science poem installation. She is the assistant manager of Bayardstown Social Club, and part of the team that produces Weather Permitting, Pittsburgh Abides (a Lebowski fest), and Pittonkatonk, Pizza Poems PGH combines these two seemingly different career paths into an interactive community event that celebrates pizza, poetry, and Pittsburgh.

Kyle Kline has 13 years of teaching experience both locally and internationally.  He has been with Pittsburgh Public Schools since 2010 and was a faculty member at Pittsburgh Milliones University Prep from 2013 – 2016.  He recently joined the faculty at Pittsburgh Brashear as part of their new STEAM Magnet program. As a member of UPrep’s Vertical Design Team, he worked closely with prominent educators and community leaders in developing a civic-minded approach to teaching youth from the Hill District and surrounding neighborhoods.  In February 2015, he organized an art installation and musical performance that included the work of over 100 students at Most Wanted Fine Art in Garfield.  He helped coordinate the UPrep marching bands performance at Pittonkatonk in 2015 – 2016 and is an accomplished musician in his own right: performing locally and nationally with the Beagle Brothers.

Facebook: Pizza Poems Pgh
Twitter: @pghpizzapoems

Jamilah Lahijuddin- Henna Artist

Representing LOCAL 412

Jamilah had her beginnings amidst a community teeming with various cultures in the beautiful state of California. At the age of 14, her artistic skills were recognized by a Moroccan woman in the community. This was the beginning of her journey into the world of Henna. From the age of 14 she has studied diligently to cultivate her skills; all the while being groomed by experienced individuals from other countries with their diverse styles of Henna. After launching her professional Henna career in 2012, she discovered Jagua body art and has since incorporated it into her repertoire.

Jamilah continues to captivate, cultivate and educate her community and clientele with her fluid and original designs.

Facebook: Jamilah Lahijuddin
Instagram: @hennahalal

DS Kinsel

Experience DS Kinsel’s LIVE artworks at the N3D Block Party.

About DS Kinsel

D.S. Kinsel is an award winning creative entrepreneur and cultural agitator.  He expresses his creativity through the mediums of painting, window display, installation, curating, Action-Painting, Non-Traditional Performance And #HASHTAGS. Kinsel’s Work Puts Focus On Themes Of Space Keeping, Urban Tradition, Hip-hop, Informalism And Cultural Re-Appropriation.

D.S. is the co-founder Of Boom Concepts, A Creative Hub dedicated to the advancement of black and brown artists representing marginalized communities.  BOOM Concepts is located in Pittsburgh and is funded by The Heinz Endowments and The Pittsburgh Foundation. BOOM Concepts focuses on youth, Community Artists, neighborhood partners to identify contemporary expressions Of social justice through drama, dance, music, visual art, and technology.

Facebook: BOOM Concepts
Twitter: @BOOMConcepts @dskinsel
Instagram: @BOOMConcepts @dskinsel

#kinselcollection #boomconcepts

Dante Lombardi

The definition of public art and who sanctions a piece within a community has always fueled my work.  I was born in Pittsburgh and draw inspiration from my neighborhood of Garfield. I grew up writing graffiti and would say that’s the primary influence for my artwork. I use spray cans and bucket paint to paint on top of a variety of surfaces (brick, wood, tile, metal, concrete, stone, glass, canvass) and always taking the work to an existence outside of the gallery.  This happens in both the commercial and community level.

Takara Canty

Julie Mallis

JULIE MALLIS (aka Julie Malice) is a contextual practice artist and VJ working primarily with new media, printmaking, sound and ‘happenings’-style events. Their artwork is inspired by the auditory-visual connection between senses, perception, and how politics affect everyday experience. Julie uses projection mapping of animated environments, video art & collaged internet artifacts to curate live visual experiences that respond to music. Julie has exhibited, curated and performed their work nationally including at The Andy Warhol Museum, The Carnegie Museum of Art, Baby’s All Right, The Silent Barn, Coaxial Arts Foundation, PhilaMOCA, and more. Julie holds a degree in Electronic Time Based Media and Anthropology from Carnegie Mellon University and is the Education Program Manager at BikePGH. Her studio, home to #MagicOrgans is located at BOOM Concepts where she is also the Creative Director.

Instagram: @juliemallisart
Twitter: @juliemallisart

Max Emiliano Gonzales

Social Activist, Printmaker, and Bomber. You might know Max Gonzales for one of these causes or maybe for all of them and you may even know him by the moniker “gems”. Whether you hate him and his causes or love him for his voice, he will make sure that he is heard.

Instagram: @theothergonz

Jewel Strothers

Pittsburgh Glass Center

5472 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh 15206  | (412) 365-2145
A Pittsburgh Glass Center artist will be twisting, twirling and manipulating rods of glass in the flame to create marbles, pendants and intricate glass sculptures LIVE during the N3D Garfield Festival. Plus, visit The Pittsburgh Glass Center at for an OPEN HOUSE and make some beautiful sun catchers and tasty S’mores!
About Pittsburgh Glass Center
Pittsburgh Glass Center is a school, gallery and state-of-the-art glass studio. World-renowned artists come here to make studio glass art. People interested in learning more about glass come here to take a class, explore the contemporary gallery and watch live hot glass demonstrations. One of the top glass art facilities in the U.S., Pittsburgh Glass Center is a hidden gem in Pittsburgh that bridges the City’s rich history in glass with its creative future.


Pittsburgh Art Car

Most Wanted Fine Art

Experience Jason Sauer paint one of his famed Pittsburgh Art Cars at the N3D Festival!

About Pittsburgh Art Car + Jason Sauer

Jason Sauer is an Army Vet, “Pittsburgh 40 Under 40” Honoree, Artist, Demolition Derby Champion, and Co-Owner of Most Wanted Fine Art, which is often called a community service organization disguised as an art gallery. Once a year, since 1995, Sauer has chosen a car, painted it into a work of art, and then participated in the Demolition Derby at the Great Stoneboro Fair. Sauer personally drives the painted car in each derby, smashing it, and then use it’s pieces in other works that usually center on “Love letters from home”.  In 2011, Jason & his wife Nina Sauer started Penn Ave Arts in Motion Festival to highlight art cars in Pittsburgh & surrounding areas. The couple travel the country with their own art cars, a graffiti covered green 73 Buick Lesabre & an 83 Chevy van with a wizard, spreading the word of


Most Wanted Fine Art

5015 Penn Ave Pittsburgh – 15224 | (412) 328-4737

Visit Most Wanted Fine Art at the N3D Festival and make a screen print of the Garfield Gator by Dante Lombardi. Then, bring your Gator to life with the help of local artists from MWFA!

About Most Wanted Fine Art

Most Wanted Fine Art is often called a community service organization disguised as an art gallery. Located in the heart of the Penn Ave Arts District at 5015 Penn Ave, PGH PA 15224. In 2014 the gallery launched the MWFA residency as a partnership with the non-profit Bloomfield-Garfield Corporation to provide a platform for diverse voices, artistic vision, and neighborhood building. Since opening in 2007, this gallery and performance space has received the “Community Development Award”, “Power of Work Award”, and “Best Art Gallery” 2014 & 2015.

Facebook: Most Wanted Fine Art
Twitter: @MostWantedArt
Instagram: @mostwantedfineart

The International Children’s Art Gallery

Experience live graffiti art in the N3D Main Festival Area from the International Children’s Gallery.

About the International Children’s Art Gallery

The International Children’s Art Gallery is a raw art and exhibitions space that has been serving the community for the last 14 years. We have hosted children from age 12  to 72. We believe that art that does not access the child within could not be art. We honor loving, living, laughing, and learning for life. For us, art is not a product, a painting, a sculpture or a mosaic….art is the ART of living!!! In a time when art, creativity and expression are of the utmost importance to the culture.  We have provided a space for that expression to exist for the last 14 years. On display inside the Gallery are the works of master artist Richard Rappaport.

Greetings from Garfield!

A Neighborhood Post Card Project with Assemble + PULSE

Join Assemble and Pulse and create your Greetings from Garfield post card. Draw on inspiration from the neighborhood and highlight your favorite parts of visiting, living, and playing in Garfield.

About Assemble

Assemble is an open physical space in an urban neighborhood in Pittsburgh. We unite artists, technologists, and makers with our neighbors of all demographics. Assemble provides a platform for experiential learning, opening creative processes, and building confidence through making.

Assemble is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization founded by Nina Marie Barbuto dedicated to fostering learning and creativity. We connect artists, technologists, and makers with curious adults and kids of all ages through interactive gallery shows, community talkbacks, learning parties, and workshops focused on teaching STEAM principles (science, technology, engineering, art, and math). Assemble hosts these activities at our space in Garfield’s Penn Avenue arts district and at events throughout Pittsburgh.

Facebook: Assemble
Twitter: @assemblepgh
Instagram: @assemblepgh

PGH Buttoneer

The Pittsburgh Buttoneer will be on-site all weekend during N3D passing out free GARFIELD BUTTONS to guests, designed by local artists, as a take home gift.

About Pgh Buttoneer
The Pgh Buttoneer makes custom ‘Burgh buttons for special events.

Facebook: Pittsburgh Buttoneer 

The Chalking Dad

The Chalking Dad will lend his talents to help chalk the neighborhood with way finding messaging and also create a live on-the-spot chalk mural on Winebiddle and Penn and throughout the Garfield neighborhood during N3D. All murals are inspired by the Garfield Neighborhood.

About The Chalking Dad:
Erik Greenawalt is an award-winning sidewalk chalk artist from Pittsburgh.  “The Chalking Dad” earned his moniker about 10 years ago when he started filling his driveway with elaborate Disney drawings for his two daughters.  A self-taught artist, Erik now creates large-scale chalk pieces at street painting festivals across North America.  Chalk art provides Erik with relief from his real-life gig, in which he’s a Certified Public
Accountant working in corporate finance for Giant Eagle.

Facebook: The Chalking Dad
Instagram: @TheChalkingDad

Get to Know Garfield: Steel City Grammers + NEXTpittsburgh Photo Exhibit

Whether you grew up in Pittsburgh or are just visiting, you’ve probably made your way through Garfield via Penn Avenue and stopped at least once to snap a picture of the colorful murals or interesting architecture. In honor of this vibrant community and brilliant history Pittsburgh has to offer, Instagram sensation, Steel City Grammers along with NEXT Pittsburgh have paired up to host the Instagram contest of your Pittsburgh dreams!

In anticipation of the Next 3 Days three-day event the duo are celebrating and highlighting the neighborhood culture, businesses and amenities in emerging Garfield neighborhood! The winners of a recent Garfield Instagram challenge will be displayed throughout the event.

Instagram: @steelcitygrammers @NEXTpittsburgh @N3DPgh

Hashtags: #n3dpgh #destinationhilltop #scg_N3D

Keep on snapping! Document your time at N3D Hilltop and use the hashtags #GarfieldPGH and #n3dpgh in your Instagram posts and winners will be selected at random to receive prizes from Garfield businesses. Your photo could also be selected to be featured in NEXTpittsburgh’s N3D Garfield Photo Recap of the weekend.


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