A fund raiser under the Stars

Join us on September 10th, for the first time at Healcrest Farm as we welcome our favorite Food Vendors, Musicians, Artist, and Healers to celebrate a successful summer and usher in a bountiful Fall!

HEAL FEST & Healcrest will go late into the evening thanks to our friends at Frequency 528 providing us with 3 stages of non-amplified music via their Silent Disco equipment.

For those not wanting to drive home after a long day of dancing and being out in the sun there will be camping space available for a small fee.

About Healcrest Urban Farm –

With only volunteer’s, Focused Integrative Training (FIT) has been working hard all summer long to maintain and rejuvenate the land surrounding Healcrest Urban Farm in Pittsburgh’s Garfield neighborhood.

With you, a prison re-entry project is being built unlike any other. Urban agriculture, evidence-based mindfulness training, art, music, food, community, family, opportunity, and support are the tools we believe necessary for the non-violent parent returning from our injustice system. Help us begin healing our community while preventing the sentencing of eight year old children to life in prison on the installment plan.

“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.”

Healcrest Urban Farms mission is to advocate for the preservation of artisanal, local & healthy food in Pittsburgh and the conservation of sustainably-managed green space. We are a 1.5 acre urban farm in the east end of Pittsburgh and grow medicinal and culinary herbs naturally. We are also a community green space & healing sanctuary and the land is home to bees, birds and other wildlife that often struggle in the urban environment.

Our product line supports the sustainability of this unique urban farm! Healcrest products are not just luxury teas and artisanal tea-pops – they are products made from sustainable local sources of the highest quality with potent nutritional & healing properties for mind & body wellness.

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