Next 3 Days + Level Up Studios present, Next 3 Dancers! On September 10th during the N3D Garfield Festival- Featuring the PennAveAnew Celebration,  join Level Up Studios for an all styles get down dance battle

The Details: 

  • 1:00PM – 1:20 PM:  Pre-Register @ Level Up Studios
  • 1:30 PM – 2:30PM:  Preliminary Rounds (20 slots available) @ Level Up Studios
  • 3:30 PM – 4:30 PM: 6 Finalists Round @ Main Festival Stage (Winebiddle + Penn Ave.)

Did we mention there will be cash prizes? 


1st Place: $300 cash | 2nd Place: $200 cash | 3rd Place: $100 cash 

If you would like to pre-register now or have any questions, contact:

  • Mario Quinn @ Level Up Studios
  • Phone:  412.450.8093
  • Email:


Levelup1Address: 4836 Penn Ave. Pittsburgh, PA 15224
Facebook:  Level Up Studios
Twitter:  @leveluppgh
Instagram: @leveluppgh


Level Up Studios is a creative arts studio that offers Dance Instruction, Design & Creative Writing Services, and Urban Apparel under one roof. Inspired by hip hop culture, Level Up celebrates its positive roots and serves as a creative playground for artists and enthusiasts. Created out of a passion for community reinvestment, Level Up Studios aims to make art, music and movement accessible in life, not just the classroom. Level Up Studios encourages students to explore their ideas through experimentation in the arts while building the skills to develop self confidence and cultural awareness.


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