Enjoy free steelpan workshops and demonstrations throughout the N3D Festival for guests of all ages!

Barrels to Beethoven is an organization dedicated to steelpan preservation, education and innovation. Barrels to Beethoven provides engaging, entertaining, and interactive opportunities for the public, especially youth, to learn the history of the steelpan, the building and tuning process, music theory, and playing technique. The ultimate goal of the organization is to develop a new generation of steelpan builders, tuners, teachers, and players, ensuring the growth and advancement of the instrument over time.

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Barrels to Beethoven was founded by Leigh Solomon Pugliano in 2014 and launched with an exhibition about her father, steelpan pioneer Phil Solomon. Our programs are centered around steelpan history, Caribbean culture, steelpan manufacturing and steelpan performance technique. Barrels to Beethoven began its community outreach and education programs two years ago and at fieldwork gallery in Garfield. Our programs include: Lessons, Let’s Play Pan Workshops, Pan Camp, Building and Tuning.


Barrels to Beethoven, Facebook photo

About the Steelpan
The steelpan or pan, is a musical instrument developed by people of the African descent in the English speaking nations of the Caribbean. Countries like Guyana, Barbados and most popularly known for steelpan, Trinidad and Tobago. Although many Americans call the instrument a steeldrum, the correct name is steelpan. The only new acoustic instrument developed in the 20th century, the steelpan is handmade from a 55-gallon steel barrel, or steel drum. A series of hammers are used to pound the barrel into a bowl shape and tune the notes to pitch. The steelpan has a family of instruments (similar to the string family) ranging from the tenor or soprano, to bass. Each instrument in the steelpan family contains all notes (sharps and flats) and carries at least two octaves. Together, this is called a steel band or steel orchestra. The steelpan can play various genres of music.

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