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The Next 3 Days (N3D) is an initiative by The Mayor’s Office, the Urban Redevelopment Authority, and NEXTpittsburgh whose purpose is to showcase emerging neighborhoods in Pittsburgh and promote affordable housing. The program consists of 3 days to celebrate and highlight neighborhood culture, businesses, and amenities in an effort to attract new residents and consumers to the neighborhood.

Day 1: Friday Night Block Party

Alloy Studios – September 9, 20166pm-9:30pm

5530 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15206

Day 2: N3D Garfield: Penn-Ave-Anew Community Festival

Noon – 4pm

Main Event: Penn Avenue + Winebiddle Street, 15224

Neighborhood Hotspots: Along Penn Avenue and throughout the Garfield Neighborhood

Day 3: N3D Home Tour + Open Houses 

 Noon – 3pm

Select locations throughout the Garfield Neighborhood

Pick up your map at local Penn Avenue Businesses!